Home Automation Technology





  • Wireless home automation allows all devices to communicate with each other via Wi-Fi, and thus no home network wiring needed.
  • evoBRAIN is central control unit that controls everything from lighting to air conditioning in your home.
  • evoCLOUD functions as cloud control center allowing you to remotely control and monitor lighting and devices in your home from anywhere, anytime.






  • control your devices from local switch (traditional or low voltage switch) or evoAPP from your smartphone.
  • scene based controller, 1-touch to control multiple devices to activate your desire environment.
  • Smart sensor (motion, door and light sensor) to turn on desire scene for convenient and save energy.
  • Internet down, no problem, local switch and evoAPP can control your house without obstacles. 
    evoBRAIN will update your home status to evoCLOUD once internet is back.






  • evoBRAIN will always update your home data to evoCLOUD
  • you are able to monitor and control your home anywhere and anytime
  • use information from internet (weather, sunrise, sunset and location) to control your house





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