Wi-Fi Relay Controller



Smart Lighting and Plug Control

• Wireless Relay used for controlling, turn on-off, electrical appliances in the house

• Resisted up to 1500W per spot when connected with light source or normal electrical
devices (Resistive Load)

• Received up to 650W when connected with motorized devices (Inductive Load)

• Easily installed, connected to the evoHOME using Wi-Fi




In case there is electricity feeding to evoHOME RELAY,
it can connected with any Local Switch, ON-OFF switch,
Normally Open Switch, Low Voltage Switch and
any other kinds of Sensor.




In case you cannot find an electricity to feed on evoHOME RELAY,
RELAY will receive electricity directly from Local Switch.

The switch has to be turned on to feed the electricity to RELAY
which only available in 2 types, On-Off Switch and Normally Closed Switch.



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